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Door glass replacement. GT6

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Time to ask for some help again.

Mk 3 GT6: I need to replace the door drop glass. I've got new glass and undamaged channels on the old units, which I can prise off.

What's a good way to get the glass to be tightly gripped in the channel so it doesn't come out. Last time I did this a few years ago on a Herald the glass would work loose periodically and hence go up but not down.

Any suggestions on how to get a good result here?



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Any good rubberised sealer will work; back in the day the factory used what was currently available and things have definitely moved on since then. I cushioned the Herald windows with strips of inner tyre cut to size and wrapped around the lower edge before pressing into the bottom channel with black sealer; once dry it held very well and so far hasn't come out again.

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