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LP875 Dunlop 4.5J Steel Wheels


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Road Wheel Steel - 13 x 4.5J - Recon - 307405RLooking for old style steel wheels. I think they were oem on late MKIII Spitfires, and Vitesses ... 1" wider than stock wheels on early Spitfires & Heralds. Happy to consider buying set or singles etc.. Please pm me of answer here.

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That is interesting to know, Thanks.

On my watch list now.

I suppose 4.5 is a bit narrow for 'the boys', without 3.5s

I've messaged him re Tyre age and willingness to have a courier to collect.

It is annoying that I have a search out on Ebay for triumph wheels but not received any notification of these.

Your a great 'spotter'.... thanks again and Cheers.

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34 minutes ago, thescrapman said:

She emailed me to she had bid on and won a set yesterday.

I put 2 and 2 together.... 🙂

Clearly got 5, or is it 6

Interesting! I sent a message well before the auction ended (sent on the 23rd, auction ended on the 25th) and she replied same day that she already had secured a set and was researching shotblasters. 

Still... as long as someone bought them!

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