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J type o/d and spitfire o/d gearbox put back together


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I have diverged from my project build thread as this might get complicated


Quite a while ago I "won" an ebay auction for an o/d, gearbox and bell housing for a 1500 spitty, they were in 3 parts and described as bought from a previous owner who stated "it failed in 4th when o/d not engaged". Quizzing the guy who I bought it off and found out thats the only info he received when he bought the bits. I have done a bit of visual inspection and there doesnt seem to be anything obviously wrong. My plan is to connect the 3 bits back together and build a j type o/d test bed as seen on a few youtube vids. The three separate parts seem complete and just need screwing together but how? Looks at a few exploded diagrams but they all are of each separate bit not connected together

The first question concerns the location of 2 circlips and spacer washer pictured. Where do they go?


Initially I thought the large one went here


But there already is a circlip on the bearing that sits in that recess.


I have no idea where the spacer washer or the smaller circlip goes by they are of a similar size.

The next question is what goes here in the hole?


Is it the rod from the selector like so?


Third question I assume there is a certain setup in the gearbox you need to select when first setting up the box with the o/d, can someone advise?


Any help gratefully received :D


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12 minutes ago, hardhatharry said:

ha ha I need to "doctor" my photos better.

BTW thats not permission to have the next page or two with pun orientated humour.

Shame!😟. But seriously, My 1984 Haynes GT-6 manual seems to show circlips in both bearings front and rear of the `box. Is that what you have?.

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As its this far apart I would carry on and look at the critical mainshaft tip and layshaft needle bearings. You might get it to run smoothly on a test bed but it wouldnt be transmitting any torque so theres nothing like a close visual inspection....

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on the circlip front the small one with the plier holes is used behind the rear case and the input shaft  bearings  which seem already fitted 

the  large is a spare that fit around the bearing outer ring to control its position in the case   both yours are fitted ,

so they are spares 

the OD pump cam is held on a woodruf key and a round wire circlip to retain the cam in position  ...it looks in place ok

your right with the remote rod but as i puzzled about this nasty linkage  earlier n,  ive not done a J on  a single rail mix.


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