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2500s flywheel or one that will fit!

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8 minutes ago, Nigel Clark said:

That looks usable to me. If I was being fussy I'd get it skimmed but don't think it's absolutely necessary.

I do hope you still feel the flywheel was worth having. 


Nigel, its perfectly good, its just me being ultra panicky.  I don't want to be doing again in a few months. I will get it back together over the next few days. Off again Wednesday morning but for 12 days. Hoping weather warming up to be able to spray.

Please don't take my panic as not being grateful.  I am very grateful.

Thany you


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here is the old utopia or compromise syndrome 

me i would fit and forget 

flywheels are not turned they are ground as a face plate you could easily have a turned finish turning into a ferodo grinder 

i dont see a problem using it as is 

so its run with the wrong flywheel for years and no one worried about it , its a bit late to get super fussy now 

what you have will do the job



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2 hours ago, Nigel Clark said:

How are you getting on Mathew? Hope your car going back together okay.


Starting to go back together, slower progress as i am in my working four, 12 hour nights. I get myself up and do a bit. Today missing pin put in, flywheel on, clutch on (almost forgot the new spigot bush!). Gearbox oil in and in position for tomorrow.  Have to leave time for something to eat and be in for about 17:30.

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