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Re awakening 'The Heep'.

mark powell

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I covered the build of my shorty Herald Pick-up on the C**b T*****h forum back in 2018 and it saw a reasonable amount of use until the end of 2019.  2020, however, like everything else, put the brakes on and has seen The Heep parked on the drive awaiting better times.

A week off from work gave me the incentive to wake it up and get it in for MOT.  So, fluid levels checked, trunnions oiled, tyre pressures checked, lights, horn, wipers etc checked... contact, ignition!   

A leisurely drive to my usual MOT man has seen a new MOT with an advisory to replace the 18 year old tyres....   Otherwise a clean bill of health.

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10 hours ago, Peter Truman said:

doesn't Canley have the old 1300 4WD gearbox transfer box used by Triumph, I saw one for  sale somewhere!

Yes, they mention it on their website.

Back in the days when our local club was more hands-on, I seem to remember someone trying to build a six-wheel Herald... must contact a few members and see what happened to it.

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