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Canceling indicators problem

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You just can't win!

Thought I'd have a look and see if I could improve the % of times the indicator returns.

Took the covers off and found the lower screw on the stalk was a bit loose.  Took both screws out and 'jiggled' it about, seemed fine.

Thought I may as well take the steering wheel off to see if that gave better access.  Popped horn cover off no problem,  to find the nut was not tight! Cleaned it up and replaced.... 40 minutes later... got the horn cover back on! Up down in out, thin 'driver and lots of patience...grrrr. :(

Indicators seem good, about 70 degrees turn to off when static. Not been out as it is wet.

Fair result but is there a trick to replace the horn push?

Problem now is neither dip or main beam work....but sidelighs ok :(

Must have dislodged a wire!!??

Another job for tomorrow. 

Haircut booked on Monday  :)

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the column switches are prone  to worn contacts etc  the common place is you have disturbed the bunch of bullets lower down the column /fascia

the horn button , there are many if a new wheel has been fitted 

does it have the three pronged claw to grip the push assy. its easy takes about  week to get cross with it 


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Thanks Pete, I'll check all the contacts.

Yes it's the 3 prongs :)

get two in then ease back and thin 'driver to lever the 3rd but if you go back too far... ping... start again.

I suppose 40 minutes is not too bad. Big breaths, cup of T and start again!

Such a nice feeling when it slips home!... and works :)

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Found the main/dip problem..... Nothing to do with the column switch! Coincidentally, as it happens, the common earth wire connection behind the grill had popped out of the 'chocolate box' connector, which was fitted by a PO! ..... Weird that! So... all sorted and the sun is out but no excuse available today for a run out :)

So.... nothing to do but mourn the Duke and polish Plum.

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