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Not really a new topic,but my car has had a lower bonnet height on the offside,and reading members comments I decided to check out the anti roll bar.And sue enough I found it was twisted.

My car is 1967 with standard springing all round,so therefore as the early roll bar appears to be unobtainable,and I do not intend fitting a swing spring,do you think a new thicker roll bar will be ok.

My type of driving would be termed no chances taken!! ha ha.



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sure all later mk2 had the thicker bar as std.   it was  good enough for triumph to upgrade to this .


most anti roll problems or understeer are down to incorrect geometry,  get the load on the seats( if thats the spec) set the front and rear toe and she will be fine 


we had a courier spring and the thick bar on my Vit6  saloon and that was on rails 


with a swinger it was more of a boat !!!



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Only swing spring cars ever had the thicker ARB, to counteract the lack of roll stiffness at the rear.

Couriers had no ARB at all, and handled brilliantly. On my herald estate I ran the courier spring without the front ARB and firm front springs. (440lbs) and that made a nimble car for autotests.


GT6's do understeer, way more than the vitesse. Trust me! You want to do all you can to reduce the tendency. 

Now, the OP drives "My type of driving would be termed no chances taken!! ha ha." but I am unsure how to take that. If he means thrashes the car (a good thing) then he may wish to do some more research on the best way forward. If it is a moderately driven car, he may not notice.....

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