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Radius arm shims sealant?

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The original stuff would have been a butyl, non-setting, sealant putty. OE may have been Glasticon or Sealistik; these being variations similar to the once ubiquitous DumDum.

Alas DumDum is no more. Banned a few years ago because of chemical nasties. The best substitute I've found is Arbomast windscreen sealant (readily available). This is runnier than DumDum but if some is sqeezed out of the tube (say the size of a golf ball) and left to air dry for a couple of days it will firm up without ever hardening completely.

On the radius arm attachments the point of a non-setting butyl sealant is to resist water leaking into the rear footwells by capillary attraction behind the bracket and along the bolts. Applicable in a great many other situations where water creep is a possibility.

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