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175 cd carb

david lewis

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Hello David.


With a carb that size, is it possible that it's from a Spitfire 1500 ?? 


I'm not sure what the manifold configuration difference is between the earlier Spitfire's & 1500's.


Just a thought.


Any chance of a photo - that will probably generate an immediate correct answer or a part number from the manifold if it exists ??


Just out of interest does the Stromberg still have its brass ID tag; which will be very useful for you with regard to moving it on ??


Best wishes.



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I assume it's a 4 cyl manifold.


Is it for a single Stromberg, or twin Strombergs ?


If it's a single Stromberg, then it could be from a USA spec 1500 Spitfire, although I believe that they were actually fitted with a CD 150 rather than 175.

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hi all,

just got off the phone to a very helpful chap at rimmers who says that it is a late us spec 175 carb and manifold.

he mentioned that  fitting it to a 1500 head is a good way to get some more performance either on a 1300 or 1500 block as the 1500 head has larger inlet valves.

the part no is 8830910  4    002  v3178

it is no use to me so does anyone want it for £25 collected only.


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from memory  the MkIV after engine 25000  didnt this have larger inlets  than the 1500  ??


doubt you would ever get a 175 to work at max with a small engine   it would be over carbed .  

175 was more prolific on Vauxhall Hillman Saab not so much on Triumph  


the stromberg spec is the V3178 , but cant find that in any of my carb data manuals

  not showing against any UK manufacturer  , burlen data says  'ask' 

    where did the 8830910 come from ???

  just some ramblings 



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