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WTB: Dash Clock w/ red hands (Smiths/ Motor Meter)

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My Dolly has a DatsunJap Jayco one fitted it was slightly smaller OD but fitted in one piece into a modified Smiths case,you can’t tell the different face size and it works a treat. I had the Jayco that I picked up from an old neighbour when he moved.

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3 hours ago, avivalasvegas said:

I have no issues with that price. It's the red hands that are missing. I'd prefer not to open one up just to paint them.

Hello ?

           Did Smiths have red hands? I thought all needles were white(but I am old so who knows?)


ps seems a bit bling Ha Ha

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Post a photo so we can all admire!

When I added extra gauges to the GT6 I just painted the hands in the correct shade of Humbrol enamel paint, it looks exactly the same as the two original gauges and has lasted years.

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