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Suggestion for a Forum Rule

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Feel free to shoot this one down, but how about making a mandatory requirement that people set their display names to their full real name? Arguments and trolling on message boards tends to be more prevalent when people hide behind pseudonyms, and having people's real names tends to bring more of a sense of friendliness and sensibility to a forum (though can't guarantee it!!).

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I'm not shooting you down Richard, but I don't see the need for this either. If anyone posts something inconsiderate, rude or offensive then they will be reported to the moderators and I would assume be banned from posting. Every other forum I look at has a similar way of operating and they don't get get significant problems.


Load this potentially excellent club facility up with too many rules and people may just use go and use less restrictive forums.

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What makes you think that "Algernon Stinkthrottle" is the real name, or else "Mike Crewes"?

It's so long since I joined TSSC, but I don't think now they do an ID check, let alone consult the Criminal Records Bureau before granting you membership, so even if your 'registered name' was used, it would mena nothing.    Reputation is all, and for the disreputable, that's what moderators are for.


Yours anonymously,


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