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The 28th All Triumph and Classic Duxford Picnic 5th September 2021

Pete Lewis

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  EDIT       6/8/21           our 28th Duxford Event planned for Sunday  September 5th

yes is same day as some other events but we have no choice in whats available to us

hopefully this years ( covid restrictions) will allow this to pass off  peacefully with no shenanigans over PLi  cover 

Bern has indicated the will be on site  with Angie and Club shop  also Valuations will be available 

with the lifting of covid restrictions we can now  offer some refreshments from our gazebo's 

so its again a Bring your Own Picnic but we will have refreshments  to make the social side more friendly 

wear a mask if you wish 

we will now be holding the  " its Not a Raffle"     Raffle    


EDIT    as of today we know its £16  more details further down 





duxf revised.jpeg

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Sounds excellent - Thank You Pete and all your elves.

The 5th September may be fortuitous because it's just 10 days before the commemorative date of the Battle of Britain, which is a BIG event at Duxford ..so I'm thinking there may be some interesting aircraft popping by for their practice.



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having great problems with IWM getting pricing etc  is not happening 

so this may all go bottoms up if they dont wake up soon as adverts and lead times are soon running out 

Im getting a bit concerned   might need to camp at the gate to get an answer 


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Stop wishing my life away!!

..but yes, I see what you mean. But still, get the basics to Bern with a proviso that due to covid restrictions details may change and to watch the forum (include web link) for latest developments. Quite easy to edit the first page of the thread with latest up to date details.

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At last an answer from IWM     so this year its same price we charge £16 each adult 

you dont have to be in a classic ( it helps) we should be central by the control tower 

as we have no idea what covid restrictions on supplying any food or drinks we will keep this as 

THE DUXFORD PICNIC   if things free up and we are confident this may change , but Im not playing at guesswork 

we made a good simple job of social distancing the cars last year , that should be ok for 2021 again.

again its gates open at 9am and  close at 12pm  

you have access to  the whole site of open displays and hangars  and this closes at 6pm

so its a brilliant day out with (hopefully) more Triumphs than you can imagine 

and with some luck aircraft getting ready for the Duxford air show will be ciruits and bumps thrown in for good measure 

we  CANNOT  do advance tickets  its PAY ON THE DAY at the Gate with CASH PLEASE on the day 



The Herts and Beds team 


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51 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

You could turn it into a 'sponsored chassis swap' or the like... time it and set a World Record for the Guinness guys.

Treat it like a formula one pit stop. 6 to lift body, 2 to push away, 8 two on each corner removing wheels ect. 2 lifting engine then lower onto new chassis once suspension back on new. Wheel back under body. 

I did an engine swap in a weekend on two tr7's once and drove home the one given as payment!

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this is  still on track  if you attend in a modern you can gain entry to the classic entrance and the reduced fee of £16 if you bring a copy of the advert or have a car club membership card 

we do a site visit ( like we have done every year ) to walk the site and get the fine details all logged 

what ever rules apply on the day will be supported but looking forward we should be in clear fresh   air 

there is a lot to see here and in enclosed hangars you may wish to follow your own ideas on masks and such like 

i dont have any firm rules from IWM on this at time of writing , but DIY is the stance of  todays clues 


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