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swing spring conversion

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My Vitesse 6 convertable rear spring is sagging and not in a good way with corrosion etc. I am looking at Canley's swing spring conversion to improve the handling. What if any are the negatives for this conversion and what else do I need that isn't in the kit?

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Fitted one to my vit6 saloon , if you carry anthing in the boot it will be to low, theres lots of body roll

due to higher centre of gravity and the extra weight compared to spitty.


even with the thicker arb it was more boat like on roundabouts

in the end it sat so low we had to remove the bump stops from inside the shockers to get some up travel


after two years of trying to make this work ...its long gone


many have differing experiences with this , possibly better on a convertible

before removing it there was10deg neg rear camber unladen

do your homework well before jumping



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Conversely, Sliverback my race Vitesse estate had a swing spring and I was very happy with it.

But to work properly, it should have the long halfshafts, and this put the tyres into the outer wheel arches, so I had to construct extensions.



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Im sure the canley kit is made to suit the short shaft std vitesse 6/1 spit to III and Gt6 1  suspn.     good idea John but if i fitted the long shafts to mine the camber would have got the tyres /--\

at a even more dramatic camber  Ha !    good for racing    not for a  fast picnic  .





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