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Clutch Pedal Won't Return

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Hiya lovelies,

I've just replaced my speedo drivegear (Spitfire 1500) and as I had the gearbox out I changed the clutch too. All back in and all good ie gears work, clutch does as it should (I can get into gear), BUT the clutch pedal doesn't want to spring back up again when I let go. I can encourage it to do so with my foot and then it'll come up but it's not ideal! It didn't do this before I removed the box only a week or so ago.

Slave and master are reasonably new and I did not remove the hydraulic pipe from the slave so it shouldn't need bleeding.

Clutch pedal spring is in position.

In an attempt to fix I have now removed the pipe and so will now need to bleed but I've damaged the threads on the end of the pipe so have ordered another. I've ordered another slave too just in case.

However what could be the cause of the pedal issue please?

Many thanks,


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the diaphragm must return the slave this returns back to the master  and theres the pedal spring   so there should be a decent return load 

so  one thought has the pedal  boss seized on its shaft ???

and do you get drive when the pedal is stuck down ??? or the clutch remains cleared ???   


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Had this some years ago on a herald and a Vitesse.  The clutch pedal would stick at the floor. Switching off the engine would make it spring back.  Turned out to be a wrong dowel bolt offside bottom of bell housing.  It seems its important that this  is a good fit to align the bottom of the bell housing.  A normal 3/8th bolt is not quite good enough.  Worth a try.

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