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My 2500 allergic to unleaded


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Hi all 

I half filled my 2500 saloon with standard Texaco unleaded, as that was all that was available. Car misfired terrible, really thought something was wrong. I do normally use super unleaded

I then filled up when I had the chance with BP ultimate 97, misfire disappeared almost immediately!! Car ran far better.

A bit stressful, as on a week's holiday away from home!!

Anyone else had this?

Motto of this story, avoid Texaco unleaded!!!



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What's your compression, Paul?       Texaco unleaded claims 95 octane, whereas they do a 97, and Shell V-power is 99.    

Modern fuel is prone to ageing, and I have 10.5:1 CR.   With old fuel I can get pinking, although not a misfire, that a fresh fuel fill-up will abolish.

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