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Help to view a car (Wiltshire)


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Good afternoon everyone,

This is my first post on this forum so a big hello to everyone!

I'm humbly soliciting a little help from any club members who are in the Ashton Keynes area of Wiltshire to help me view a TR4 that's caught my eye over the last week. I've been on the hunt for either a TR4 or TR6 for the past 6 months and this looks to combine the best of both from my perspective...

1963 Triumph TR4

The car is a rather odd one with a history of rallying and has CP 2.5 litre engine in place of the old 4 pot and puts out some 179bhp through a Zetec gearbox (the TR4 boxes couldn't cope).

I've rung up the seller to check out the initial preliminaries and he's been very straight indeed with me - everything checks out at this point and he was kind enough to send me pictures of the cars not so good points straight off the bat, which bodes well. The seller is also a member of both TSSC and the TR Register which checks out well. He sounds like a real enthusiast more than just a chap looking to sell a car as well and we had a lovely chat about the finer details.

Even with all of these promising signs, I would still be uncomfortable viewing the car alone, as the pecuniary element is most certainly not insignificant, and a second pair of eyes go a very long way indeed, particularly eyes more experienced than my own.

I've been casually hunting since November and this is the most promising lead I've seen so far. I've seen some really terrible examples over the last couple of months and had my time wasted on a couple of occasions, and have had bad experience viewing alone in the past. I'd really appreciate it if anyone would be up to helping me out with this over this weekend or some time during the next week.



PS - The seller has just messaged me to say that he's taken a deposit! Rats!











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Hi Mfidler,

apologies the car sold this morning, just before your request here.

would of been great to see it go to someone in the club

i wish you success in finding a car


hopefully a small chassis triumph will replace it very soon

so if anyone has any leads on spitfires or gt6 mk’s 1-2 please pm me



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The boot gap is a little suspect - I can see something funny going on on the bottom of the sills but the seller alluded that they were solid.

I'm going to see the car tomorrow and will take detailed photos to start a new thread to solicit as many extra pairs of eyes as possible.

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