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1974 Toyota Hiace


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2 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

if unpluging didnt stall the idle then i guees the jet had a blockage and the idle screw has been wound in 

to get some idle as the slow run circuit stops as soon as you open the throttle is the idle when its running a bit fast 

if the  idle mixture screw has little effect thats whats going on 

how to clean solenoid slow run jet 

needs a battery and fat lips to blow through it  Ha    


I've gone mad and ordered a new carb. Just out of despiration really! And the fact it was £50. Always nice to have spares if i don't need it. (trying to convince myself here)


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3 minutes ago, Badwolf said:

Paula - Off the wall thinking, did you ever fit that electronic distributor thingy, could that have anything at all to do with it?

I tried it, but couldn't get a spark

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Just now, daverclasper said:

Hi Paula. Good luck with the carb.

Van looking very cute (hope Fergal's not getting jealous)


Feargal is looking very smug 

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I just checked buy my shorting out the rotor inside that there’s no continuity.

The electronic one I bought has a cap with sprung contact. It seems to work as long as the 4 contacts line up ok. 

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with that flat fixed contact rotor the spark would have to jump the extra gap between the two 

not good and it would soon errode the fixed carbon  brush away 

works fine with a sprung centre brush but not with a fixed one 

take care with swapping caps as it may need a different rotor sweep diameter if its a very differing unit 

take car with muddles 



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3 hours ago, Paula said:

I’ve got a eBay distributor that I might try.

the cap doesn’t have a sprung contact. Is that normal?



The centre brush isn't simply stuck in the up position Paula? It wouldn't be the first time.


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