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2500s tyre's


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Having now driven 200 miles since last weekend i know the tyre's need changing. Little bit wobbly over sixty. Checked the date on them. One is 8 years old, two are 14 years old and one 17 years old . Did not check the spare as usually thats the worse one! The 3 oldest are starting to crack. Plan is to change 4 . The 3 oldest and spare and put the 8 year old one as the spare. They are the stag alloy type 14 inch.

Recommendations please, something with low road noise but good grip, not worried about them wearing out quick as i would rather that than age out.


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I really like teh Michelin crossclimates I have on my spitfire. Excellent in all weathers, including very cold trackdays so unlike many tyres they work when there is frost about.

Otherwise, Flaken and Toyo both make decent mid range tyres, falen being very good in the wet. And Uniroyals are similarly excellent wet tyres, nice and soft with excellent grip. 

Lots to choose from, but isn't sizing difficult on the saloons? I know many use 15" wheels with 195/65/15. 

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You can get an Avon ZT7 at about £50 a corner. They seem to get good reviews.

I have had some really good Maxxis, am using 195/65-15 on the 2000 at the moment. A few models available in 14 inch.

The Unitoyal  rain Expert are about £60 a corner.

I have Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance on the TR, they are brilliant, but Not available in 14inch

The efficient Grip Compact are £80 a corner, as are Michelin Cross Climate

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