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GT6 overdrive propshaft

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I've finally got around to fitting my overdrive gearbox - late '73 non-roto GT6 MkIII.

I picked up an old overdrive propshaft when buying parts some time ago.  This is the same diameter as the non-o/d propshaft I've just removed.

When buying parts from Fitchett's, I also bought one of their recon propshafts as I'd forgotten I had the other one...

Problem is, the Fitchett's one is a lot thinner than the others.  Can anyone advise on why this should be, and which is correct for my GT6?  The photo shows, from left, the non-o/d shaft just removed, the o/d shaft bought ages ago and the recently purchased one from Fitchett's.


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The minimum diameter for a Propshaft is directly related to its length. Longer shafts have to be larger diameter to better resist whip.

The GT6 OD Propshaft is short. Easily short enough to be smaller than the factory offering. In fact I think the non-OD one is too. Suspect they are the size they are to be common materials with all others in the range.

I had this discussion with Dave Mac Props when I ordered the prop for my MX5 conversion (which is even shorter) and it is about the same diameter as your smaller one.


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As the Flitchett item is new I would fit that unless youre really worried about the original look! Its probably smaller diameter because its a modern manufactured one and not recon but will do the job fine plus give more room for the exhaust etc 

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