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Hockenheim Historic aka Jim Clark Revival: 27 to 29 August


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Hope this is the best place for this....

As it currently stands, spectators are not planned BUT these things are changing fast AND if you are part of a race team you can come as well.

More information is here:


and here:


It is also called the "Jim Clark Revival" though for some reason I find calling it a "Revival" at the scene where the person died a bit odd but hey, that's just me....

It is usually held mid April, closer to the anniversary of Jim Clark's fatal accident. Last year it was cancelled outright.

The Triumph Competition group is usually there:


But they won't be there this year...

The event strives to reach the levels of the Goodwood Revival or classic car events at Silverstone or Spa ....

The Hockenheimring is equidistant between Stuttgart and Frankfurt and there are other museums about technology (Speyer and Sinsheim) so it can be a nice trip with things to do around the area..

I will be there with my slot car (Scalextric) club (we race 1/24 scale scratch built cars) so I will be around ...

If I can confirm a stronger Triumph presence I can contact your international branch about doing an article for the Courier (I have written about the event in the past)

If they let people in maybe someone of you will come! (let me know!)

I am fairly sure that things will be back to normal in 2022.



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Thank you for posting this - very interested to hear about the Triumph Competition group as well.

We would love to hear from you with anything for The Courier - about your car, or the Triumph Competition group if there is little to say about the Hockenheim Historic this year.




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Thanks John,

As it stands our Covid situation has been improving almost daily so there may be more participation than expected.

I will be at the event because of a slot car (like Scalextric but 1/24-1/25 scale) so I will have time to poke around. I have a TR7 I race but I have to check if it is allowed in any of the classes. Sadly I didn't built it myself. I might get a TR3 together in time (depends on how the Spitfire project goes)...

Like I said, Triumph competition won't be there this year but maybe next and I can try to to contact them.

There may be other Triumphs there...

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