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herald 13/60 1970 propshaft

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I have a strap-drive propshaft at present. There has always been a lot of vibration, and much worse recently.  I am planning to replace it with a sliding spine type from Dave Mac, after reading various old posts on this forum.

So, a question:-  is it just a straight swap or is the late 13/60 peculiar in some way? Rimmers shows shafts that are "not for late 13/60s".



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4 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

You could always replace it with a solid type, no sliding joint to worry about. 1200 props are a straight fit.

Bin it and fit a solid one as Colin says. We had same vibration prob on our 13/60 and got a solid type from a 1200 in the local scrapper 

( those were that days). Strap rhymes with crap for a reason!  


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6 hours ago, Casper said:

John Kipping used to recommend ditching the straps and bolting the two parts together.


Ah, thats where it comes from...

I did just that for a chappie who had terrible vibration. Cured it in 10 mins (or less?) Just undid the bolts holding te straps, and rotated teh shaft 90degrees, bolted back up and hey presto, no vibration.

Free, quick, nothing to lose.

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Sorry, I didn't answer the OP question. All herald props are the same length. And the late 13/60 is the same. I have no idea where some of these anomalies started?

Anyway, if you have a new one made it is sensible to have a sliding joint. It will make fitting easier, and mean the UJs have an easier life. Dave Mac certainly knows his stuff...

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