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GT6 MK3 Pinion Nut

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Hi All

Does anyone happen to know the correct size socket for the castellated pinion nut on the diff?


And on replacement am I correct in thinking that its just tighten to torque spec over number of turns on this type of diff.

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Its 1.1/8" across the flats with the nearest metric being 29mm which is difficult to find so a 30mm should do but might do slight damage to the nut. Your diff being a castellated nut ought to be a non crushable spacer type in which case you just take the tightening to the torque specified in the manual. However as its difficult to confirm this type of spacer its a good idea to mark the nut, the flange and the shaft and count the turns of the nut coming off. Then put everything back in the same place (hopefully the torque will be about right) so then it will still be right if it is a crushable spacer🤗

I take it youre replacing the seal and you will need some way of holding the input flange without damaging it to both undo and retighten the nut.... 

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