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Engine earth strap


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Hi everyone/anyone, can someone confirm if I need an engine earth lead on my GT6? I have one on my Vitesse from the front engine plate to the steering rack mount, but not on my GT6. Both are converted to negative earth and run alternators, what might the effects be of not having one.



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Without it, all the electricity that goes into the engine (starter) and comes out (alt/dyno) has to earth via the gearbox, transmission and rear suspension, OR the choke cable!

Can lead to poor starting and poor charging.  And a hot choke.


The OE cable was pitiful.  I suggest a length of starter cable, easily available (see: ring connectors swaged on, from somewhere on the block to the battery itself.    Clean the surface that the connector will contact with a file or wire wool to make it bright, clean metal.



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