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you can get your coat 

mines down the charity shop  ha !!

 and it was the  Vitesse 6 that formed the clubs name when marketed as the Sports Six 

being our ex directors  (Bill Sunderlands ) wifes car at Newport Pagnell services  1977 when the club was founded 


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🧐 ummmmm interesting !!!! so mk1 isn’t right description 🤭 when I’m describing my beauty it’s just a MAGNIFICENT 

1966 VITESSE 6 Saloon with overdrive...

also I reckon “just a thought” because he’s a late 1966 do you think he was made with complete Love and enthusiasm because that year WE WON THE 🌎 WORLD CUP 🤔😁

lol lol 


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HI, just seen this thread and thought I would contribute. I have a 1968 Mk1 2.0 Lit. I bought it in June last year. I am guessing that some of you may have seen this car before, but to date I have not really researched its history.

Before this I had a Vitesse 1600 and before that a Herald 12/50.

This Vitesse is the best so far by a long way. It is a pleasure to drive. Since owning it I have replaced the dizzy with an electronic version and fitted a HI Torque starter, both have improved the car but I have retained the originals in case they need to be re-fitted. When I bought it there was a sports exhaust fitted, looked good but probably not appreciated by the neighbours !!! I replaced it with a used standard mild steel one that I happened to have in my garage. Next job is to replace that with a standard s/s system. and to repaint the air box black. I have also replaced the Mk2 grille that was on it with the correct Mk1 version. and fitted 4 new tyres to replace the hardly worn 12 year old Pirellis that were on it.

I am very happy with the car, the only thing that lets it down a bit is the carpets. I have attached some pics.







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My 65 6 is still in the shed being rebuilt as it has since I was 18 38 years ago.
Lockdown last year was great as I worked on it every weekday and the funny thing is still reckon 6 weeks should see it ready.
It was cactus green with a black flash but I was persistently nagged to make it red which was close to the Damson Herald body that gave its life so the Vitesse would once again be on the road.
I have a Dolomite 1850 J type o/d, MGF seats, Mk4 Spitfire wheels, Megajolt, twin Mikuni HSR42, Mintex 1144 pads for the Type 12s, camber compensator to go in once it is back on the road.

Last century I scrapped a Mk1 2 litre saloon and at the time one of the two in NZ Mk2 saloons. It was ripe having spent many years in a paddock by a river, its mechanicals went into my Mk4 Spitfire.

Photos are my 6 Saloon and Mk2 CV with a few of the parts I have collected.

Vit 6.JPG


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