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GT6 Mk iii rear driver quarter sagging

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9 hours ago, Ian Foster said:

Canleys show part no 159654 to be common for Spit IV late/1500/GT6mk3 late.

Colin's quoted specs for Spit and GT6 suggest there should be differences. Others may be able to confirm from factory WSM (mine doesn't cover late GT6) or other sources.

Jeremy, do you know yet what is currently fitted to your car?

Confusing isn't it. 


Hi Ian, confusing , but enjoyable in the sense of learning about the cars. Impatience on my part as really want to start enjoying my rolling restoration so I am inclined to renew / rebuild the rear suspension including spring so as I have piece of mind for a few years. Logistics is my biggest challenge as have a garage that is wider than a single but not a double and have worked out that if I park the car as close to one side allowing access I have around 1.3 m the other and I am not sure if this would be enough to extract the spring ? I’m guessing that you can pull down and twist slightly on it ? Have changed old series Land Rover springs before so known the approximate weight. Alternatively I will need to take up the whole garage with no access until complete as I can use the single side door as the extra width to remove the spring . First world headache I know !! Thanks 

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a swinger is at least lighter than the fixed springs   remove the studs will aid wiggle room even undo the clamps

to split more leaves 

you wont be the first to find the wall gets in the way  so good thinking to work that out before you start 


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Ok, thought I’d close this off for anyone that reads it in the future for guidance. 

fitted new spring and two new shocks and replaced all bushes.

Wheel wobble issue has now gone and the passenger side rear shock was completely seized ! Could not even move it up and down by hand. 

the spring appeared to be very soft and leaves 5 & 4 could be easily squeezed by hand at the drivers side end. New spring ( correct part is a lot more stiff) 

so went for a spin and all good when settled down and tightened up. My only slight nag now is the camber of the rear wheels as they look a little positive camber. I have looked at some images of other GT6s straight on from the rear and can does appear to be the same .

final thanks to all that spares time to reply and put up with my numpty questions 😉

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