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CDSE vs CDS 150's


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there can be spindle variations across the years of evolution, depends how the cable/rod/ whatever are connected


cdse have the top dashpot adjuster which is never the easiest to adjust 

could have temp compensators which need to be closed , most are open due to age.and these need setting/closing 

do have a biased needle which gives better atomisation from the needle .


cd   you really want the  CDS ones with a starting    valve choke ( as is fitted to the cdse)


early base CD can have the (thames barrier) which can get a bit  siezed  but cant leak fuel as no fueling is involved.


you can use a mix of biased needle pistons in a base CD with bottom adjuster...best of both worlds 



cdse has more add ons to go out of adjustment,    the top adjuster was to make things tamperproof as a requirement in emmission laws of the late 70 /80s


doesnt mean it was a good idea,  just stopped you messing ,  ( and applied to most manufacturer's)




overall it could be a reasonable move for DIY twiddling




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