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I am thinking of buying a Triumph TR6 to go with my small collection. I read a bit about the car and think this is best TR for me.


I am in Poland and so my only option is importing. Where is best place to look for good quality lhd TR6 in Europe?


I think the PI version is better (correct?), but are any lhd PI made? Also, my mechanic, who does not know TRs will service it, so important question is if PI system is difficult for average mechanic to work on.


Thank you for comments!


Andrzej (Andy)

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PI needs very specific knowledge. It got a VERY bad reputation as most garages did not know what they were doing and got it wrong.


My advice re TR's is to go and ask the TR register, they are by far the biggest TR club. 

Not sure if PI were avail;able in LHD, but I expect so. Otherwise there are lots of imports from the USA which have a low powered version of the engine....but that can be sorted. 

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