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Landrover Freelander2 TD4 - where on Earth are the horns?

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Just spent hours working on a 2015 Freelander; gave up on the oil change as firstly I couldn't find the filter and secondly the large skid plate under the engine wouldn't come off due to one of the bolts being rounded off. I'll have to wait until the lift is free (or take it my local garage where I'll supply the oil and filter, he can have the hassle and usually only charges me about £40)

However the horns aren't working. I've no idea if it's the fault of the twin switches on the steering wheel, or the horns themselves, as I can't find them. I was all over / under / around the engine for ages with an inspection lamp and can't see them at all. Anyone know where they are?

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13 hours ago, Anglefire said:

Clock spring is often a cause of many a fault if my experience of Land Rovers is to go by. 

Could be, Mark, but to me the simplest way of testing anything is to connect a new set of cheapie horns to the terminals - if they work, happy days. Problem is that I can't find the old horns to reconnect the terminals.

If that doesn't work then it's off with the steering wheel - I just love airbags - and work along the circuit from there.

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Something rings a bell (sorry) that says the horn switches rely on an airbag rotary contact unit.  On an older Freelander the horn is on the right hand side, looking from the front, under an air inlet hose iirc.


ps Good weather time to go sailing in the Shrimper for a gathering in The Solent for 4 days to get over going the pub last night with another GT6 to find 30 of the Chichester MGOC there!

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25 minutes ago, Anglefire said:

Just found this. 

Front of engine, at top on lefthand side. Will need to remove battery and air inlet hose to get to it.


That's the only hint I've seen in any internet search so far, but is this for the earlier Mk1 model? Something about that post made me think that it was.

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