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Help with finding the year Stoneleigh and Gurston hill climb


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I found an old film I made back in the day of the Stoneleigh show were we stayed on site in a caravan with the club and of a Gurston hill climb. I would like to put a date to them before I post on youtube.

problem is I can't remember when is was, possible dates are any time from 1978 to 1983.  When I joined the club to when I got married, I would think it would be somewhere around 1980 ish. maybe some one was there and has a better recolection then me.

here are some stills from the film if it help.

or if anyone know where I could find out the infomation that would help.

Stoneleigh show



and Gurston Hill Climb


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6 hours ago, thescrapman said:

Can you look through the old magazines, and see what years the annual meet was where?

been looking most of the day but can't find anything as yet.

There is a mention in the December 1980 courier but I don't recognise the story. As the bar-b-que we were at was in a field close to the site,  we had brought up a barrel of beer from our local and another area brought the second barrel. and fun was had by all.....hic!

but I have found some more film of the wookey hole concours in 79 I think. not much of it though as I had to work that in the morning.


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Found it.. well some of it! in some pre courier mags.  turning circle and the even earlier newsletters

Wookey hole was 5th may 1979

and Gurston hill climb could be may 20th or july 22nd 1979 or even july 20th 1980

stoneleigh was the Town and Country Festival in 1979 but no sure ob the date.

quite interesting reading the old magazines

I did notice there was a mention in one of the turning circle magazines, that a film of the Wookey hole concours was showen at the clubs christmas weekend on the 3rd october. Is their a copy in the archives at the club?

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