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Herald rear axle thread 'problem '

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:) yes ! Took it all off again and concentrated in getting trunnion on as far as possible, using an ancient large box spanner I have, with a 7lb mel. It worked. Got within 1/2" of target.  Cleaned up the key way and ensured key was sat in cleanly, gently fitted hub over and gently tapped it on, and on.... and on !!

woopy, plenty of thread, washer and nut on and managed to get the whole unit on another 1/4". just using a 1" ring spanner and body weight. It made a nice creak/eek  as it slid on. Must find correct socket and my torque wrench tomorrow 

Got new needle bearing, ball bearing,oil seal & gasket etc on that end plus the axle has a new uj but that has a minute bit of play. Can you get thicker circlips? Just tiny play on one cross piece. May as well have it perfect and maybe swap it when winter comes.

Thanks again for "bearing" with me 

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