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Flippin' Bangers Spitfire

Colin Lindsay

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Flippin' Bangers were on TV this morning restoring a white L-reg Spitfire 1300. I was quite amazed at their expertise - they replaced the engine mountings (trolley jack under the sump, no wooden load-spreader), replaced the exhaust manifold and the diff oil seal (no mention of how they tightened the nut up afterwards) then went for a run and claimed the car's driving and handling was 'transformed'... if only it was that easy! 

They paid £700, put £200 into it - rattle-can respray of rear wings and steel wheels and adjusted the hood - and sold it for £1750 to a guy who had a mate looking for a restoration project... so presumably he'll undo all their good work later on as it still needs bodywork - you can see the holes in the bonnet just behind the headlamp. It's a good show, but I found this episode a bit simplistic and it left me wondering what they actually did that won't need undone if the car is restored. Still, nice to see the Spitfire featured.


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Seen this before, makes you laugh how some are very simplistic "you can do this with no effort or money and get a profit ". There is a restoration place near me, could never afford to put my car there! 70k restoration on a tr4! With a few mods. Reckon the only way they would make 800 profit is if they sold it for parts, which still happens alot.

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It was their first show ever ... I find it a bot more realistic than, say Wheel Dealers (WD) because they often get in over their heads. The MGB GT one is a good example.

I have not watched all the episodes but so far they really haven't used specialist equipment ... I always got a bit annoyed  with WD when they "Yeah all you need to get this seal out is this special tool that only works on this model and this year of car!"....

Will from Flipping Bangers has said the Spitfire was his favorite car from series 1....

Personally I like these shows because I can tell the family what I am doing all day when I disappear in the garage for a day at a time... I have also learned a thing or two, like using a nut to keep a thread clean when you shorten a bolt or using two nuts and a bolt to create a  make-shift wrench.

When WD did a Spitfire Edd used cargo straps to hold the rear wheels up while he took out the diff (that was also one of their first shows).... not that that is the best way to do it but I think it isn't the worst...

Here in Germany we have some shows like that but the TÜV (German MOT) is so friggin' strict they primarily repaint or re-trim the cars. Occasionally they can do a mod if the mod is already TÜV approved...

If it motivates someone to put a classic back on the road in some form I am all for it...

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I watched the Alfa 155 episode yesterday,bought for £400,5 days of unexpected welding and cambelt and brake valve changed,then realised the whole floor

wasn,t attached and it was too much of a w**ker to ever go back on the road  .

Sold on for £300.

Still like the show though.


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