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Sunshine at Duxford


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59 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

are you getting ready for the All triumph Picnic September 5th    cos youre a bit Early


LOL, are cars of the non Triumph persuasion, as seen here, welcome?

If so, he might want to come.

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1 hour ago, Pete Lewis said:

The Triumph show at Duxford has always welcomed other marques 

we are not that posh you know   anyone with cash is  welcome 

it normally says so on the advert but we ran out of space 

will add it to the events listing 


I will let him know. If he is interested we will probably both come to it.

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45 minutes ago, mark powell said:

That puts me in mind of this beast at our local Transport festival 5 years ago.

Festival of Transport 2016 044.JPG

Festival of Transport 2016 046.JPG

Festival of Transport 2016 045.JPG

Good grief, that bit of paper says supercharged 420+BHP.

My friends one was a 1970 US car but he has ditched all that emission control nonsense & had it rebuilt to largely earlier UK spec with some mild tuning & balancing.

He was told it should be producing getting on for 300bhp and that felt fairly "brisk".

God knows what the supercharged one is like 😱

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