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Seatbelt anchorage rear wheel arch


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Hi, so i have a free day today and thought i would tidy the rear trims up with Owens finest. Seems pretty straight forward untill i look at the vinyl replacements for the rear arches.

Can i remove this and refit with ease?



Or do i trim the new vinyl around it?

The original would suggest it comes off, though i dont want to open up a can of worms.

Thanks in advance.

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52 minutes ago, Simons3 said:

Or do i trim the new vinyl around it?

That would be my preferred option, maybe the lazy man's way, but I'd just smooth the trim as close as possible and very carefully cut with a scalpel, smoothing and fitting as I go. 

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Thanks chaps and sorry for the late reply on this. An old squaddie mate rucked up around lunchtime yesterday and a bloody bender ensued.

Like an idiot around 10pm (i think) i thought i was Mr Invincible with the trim.... big mistake.

Anyway, just took a few pics of my handywork. I decided to leave the anxhorage in place btw. A bit rough round the edges but hey ho.




Even positioned the centre console bits i bagged from Spitfire Graveyard last month.


Coulpe of self tappers and all should be good.

Just need to refurb the passenger seat and swap out the doorcard and should be good to go internally.

Then onto the door window inner outer seals 🤔

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