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Look at Life - A car is Born Talking Pictures TV


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Dear all


Interesting short film on the Sky channel Talking Pictures TV, that aired on Monday 7th June at 4.10PM

The car being born is Triumph Herald Coupe in Green and White and shows its launch with Giovanni Michelotti, then 4x Standard/Triumph apprentices assembling the Herald on a stage.

programme then goes on to show Heralds being road tested before moving onto other manufacturers such as Rootes.

A bit of nostalgia and well worth a watch 




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I adore these old recordings and in color (seen a similar recording in black and white),  found this little film on Youtube also with the same 'A car is born' title.  When the Herald is shown the ladies lift up a cotton cloth that covers the Herald, I found one of these a while ago, does the Tssc have one?  I contacted the Herald.com club, but they were only interested in buying it, 'I said no no no', I displayed it on my daily driver car, doesn't fit but shows a good impression...still pristine for it's age, even the fringels at the bottom!


Regards Henk




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There was another really good couple of films on Talking Pictures last week.

One was called All About England, basically an advert for Austin ( pronounced Orstin) with people driving their cars in various areas of UK, Lakes, Dales etc.

Other was called Hillman Minx in the 1960's, about an attempt to drive a Minx for 20 days solid on Belgian Pave to prove it.

It was driven by all female crews (the greatest Minxes as the commentator said, different times)

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I get Talking Pictures via a Sattelite. Sadly the EPG (Electronic ProGram) only shows the current show and the follow up and FreeSAT has made it difficult to find out what is coming with the apps available...

So if anyone sees a show like this coming up please post here so I can program the receiver!



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On 10/07/2021 at 11:23, PeterH said:

Our Freesat Program guide gives the schedule. Try getting your box to re-tune. That gave me several stations information that weren't previously on.

We don't have a FreeSat box... they won't send one outside the UK...

On 09/07/2021 at 23:35, thescrapman said:

Can you get to their website?


Thanks I can see that!


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