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This is a bit tongue in cheek (HOLY GRAIL 🥇🥈🥉🏆🇬🇧)

Mark Seniac

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Hi everybody just an heads up about an event that’s happening right now on the forum in the GENERAL section.
Please do not post your entries here they are only valid on the forum in the general section 

Many thanks .....

I’m pleased too announce that we have CONFIRMED yes confirmed guys n gals 

      👏🏻     PRIZES   🥇🥈🥉 🏆🇬🇧 

                CLUB SHOP VOUCHERS 

                          3rd          £10.00

                          2nd         £25.00

                          1st           £50.00



                        MR CHRIS GUNBY 

                         CLUB CHAIRMAN 

Mr Chris Gunby the CLUB CHAIRMEN  has  GIFTED a bunch of        

                CLUB SHOP VOUCHERS         

AND he will personally JUDGE all entries for our event here on the forum 

also he will organise the event to be posted on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS  relating too our club for the whole world too see ( how cool is that). 
                 so without further ado

               LET THE GAMES BEGIN !!!! 
Post those dreams and ideas also pictures  if possible and you never know you could be the chosen one too receive a winning gift.

           BEFORE 7pm on FATHERS DAY 

             GOOD LUCK EVERYONE 😁

Mark Seniac 

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