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Later vitesse rear cylinders


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Agree with Pete and Clive. Early GT6s had a servo option which worked on all 4 wheels. Late GT6s had larger rear cylinders, bigger drums and a larger master cylinder, but the servo, now fitted as standard only works on the front wheels. A tricky business getting the front/rear balance right. 


I don't know about the Vitesse but it's a good idea to check what the whole brake specification is for the mod you want to make.

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agree on  the m cyl this went from the 5/8" to 0.7 when the bigger calipers were introduce due to the greater volume involved


the trouble with type 12s is doesnt matter what pads you use a well set 1600 out paces them very easily 


          type 14 would fit the existing mounts , with more pad availability    the 16s  mounts are about 3rd of a hole to big. 


          keeping the front rear balance is important , triumph ( and all the others ) spent a lot of development time  getting these thing right


          but any spirited driving on 12s with the  power/ weight of the 6 is enlightening 



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To go from 12 or 14 to a 16 you need the caliper mounting the upright remains unchanged

if you had a herald /spit with the spider forged upright and integral mount then you need to change to a vit gt6 upright


canley sell the caliper mounts as ally ones


as they can be dificult to source



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