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I've just realised - I've been promoted!   3rd Dan, with three sleeve rings (?).  That's a Commander in the Navy (Like Bond!  James Bond!)  or a Squadron Leader in the Raf, or a Colonel in the Army.

What additional priviledges does this give me?    Can I put someone on a charge?   Have them shot?  Or just transported for life?

I have a little list!


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1 hour ago, Badwolf said:

I was also promoted. I notice that our number of posts is in K's. Oh how I hate that. It's thousands not K's. Yanks again!! Wish they'd learn proper English.

Greek,chilioi meaning thousand. Adopted by the French in 1799. So you can blame the EU and demand that post Brexit it is no longer used 😁 and 't' is used instead. 

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