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JTA 713E


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Hi everybody!


I'm completely new to this, so please let me know if I've transgressed any rule, or offended some protocol or another.....

Aaaaanyhow, I've just acquired a Vitesse, which you may or may not have seen floating about in one of the many classifieds, and I thought I'd stick it up here that I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers anything about this car, as I think it used to be a Sports Six club member's car. It's been off the road for almost a decade by all accounts, before which it belonged to Chas Bland of CB Cycles fame. It was registered in the Exeter area on February 7th, 1967, and appears to have lived near Newton Abbot for quite some time, before ending up in the Bristol area by the start of the 1980's. I'm fairly certain that by the 1990's it was in the club, and I shall be joining over the next few weeks myself. I've yet to contact Mr. Bland, but shall also be doing that this week. As I say, any information would be gratefully received. It's a dark blue Vitesse 6 saloon reg JTA 713E, if that jogs any memories.


Thanks for any help whatsoever!



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