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GT6 Window Regulators Guides, Rails & anything related to lifting the side glass (both sides)

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Adam - There are numerous posts here about fitting and adjusting the windows on our cars. Many, from members with slit wrists or shares in sticking plaster companies. Compliments for the design are few!! As for the components, brand new bits from the usual spares suppliers or secondhand off fleabay, Spitfire Graveyard, Fitchetts and numerous other breakers. Other will be along with suggestions I'm sure. Be prepared for pain, blood, heartache and copious amounts of your favourite liquid beverage. Good luck. When you get the bits we're here for you.

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36 minutes ago, HeebieGeebie said:

Haha i am prepared to sacrifice a couple of fingers in exchange for a cool breeze. I guess the spitfire and GT6 regulators are the same? 

I don't think so. In fact the GT6 setup is almost rocking horse poo these days, so you may have to either pay a silly amount of cash, or wait until a set turns up at a reasonable price. The GT6 has a quarterlight, plus te glass has a curve to it. Spitfire is one piece and flat. 

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