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Roto driveshaft interchangeability Vitesse with GT6

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GT6 Mk3 with roto.

Due to operator suboptimality ('cock up') I'm going to have to re-do the drive shafts in my GT6. I have a collection of roto shafts/hubs some from Vitesse some from GT6. But I don't know which is which.

AFAIK they should be fully interchangeable. Although the Vitesse has a narrower track than the GT6 this is due to chassis dimensions not the drive units themselves.

I'd appreciate advice to confirm (or disconfirm) that I could use the best of the units irrespective of whether they were originally V or G.

Any advice on this point?

Many thanks in advance



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Pretty, pretty certain all rotos the same and cant see Vitesse and GT6 having different rear track as theres only the diff between the two halfshafts and the diffs are definitely the same dimensions.

The last of the GT6 had a swing spring non roto axle which might have used longer halfshafts.... 

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Be aware that there are two Types of Roto-flex type Vertical Links

One is a bit wider and doesn't require spacer washers between the Link and the Trunnion bushes fitted to the Lower Wishbones

Also, I've read that the replacement Trunnion Bush kits are slightly wider from some suppliers, causing problems when re-assembling.


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