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25D6 Dizzy Options


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I noticed that the metal plate the points attached to has quite a lot of play in it and the advance spring is pulling it down at an angle and pushing it flat impacts the points gap.

I popped into Rob Sport International for some bits and mentioned some of the issues I'm having and were very helpful, they mentioned checking that the tabs holding the plate down which I need to do. They mention rebuilds and an (expensive) electronic system


However in the meantime fearing the worst (as I've come to expect now with this car!) have just been looking at options, rebuilds seem expensive, a used from CW was about £30 and also came across SimonBBC and Accuspark units, both standard points and pointless electronic.

I understand Distributor doctor is expensive and there is 6week lead time.

It was also mentioned to me to avoid cheap electronic units as they cause issues and if there is play in mine there is no point just fitting an electric module.


So on a budget what should I go with:


1) Used (CW?) unit

2) Cheap rebuild - but where?

3) SimonBBC points

4) Accuspark points

5) SimonBBC electronic or high energy

6) Acuspark electronic or Stealth

7) Something else cheap!


I already have a new 12v coil non ballast and red rotor and new HT leads and cap.

Its a MK2 2000 Dec 1972


TIA for you comments

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I run electronic ignition on my Vitesse using Simonbbc and a Lucas sports coil - never had a problem. There was zero wear in my dizzy, so I went for the kit replacing the points & condenser etc.


On my Alpine, I replaced the dizzy with an "all-in" electronic ignition from Accuspark and their respective coil - never had a problem.


If you have any wear within the dizzy, such as spindle or plate, then I would say go for a replacement unit which has been converted to electronic ignition. In addition the replacement dizzy comes with a new vacuum unit, so that's also very useful (if your car has one / needs one). 


Trying to set timing / ignition set-up with a worn dizzy is pointless (excuse the pun).


Good luck.



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