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Herald quarterlight top hinge door bracket broken

A TR7 16V

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The quarterlight top hinge bracket riveted to the door of my 13/60 convertable has snapped off. It's the left hand one and the spare door I have is, obviously, right hand. But I could practice taking it off and maybe even see if I can get a mirror image copy made in stainless somewhere. 

Any suggestions about the best way to fix this problem would be most welcome.


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Well I got the opposite part out of the spare door by drilling the two brass rivets visible in the top left corner, and for undoing the 1/2 nut that holds the bottom hinge. So I know how to fix it if I get the part.

But I can't find a left hand bracket anywhere short of buying a full quarterlight and frame. I'm wondering if I find someone who's got a delicate hand with a MIG and will make up a tin plate to go between hinge and glass, if the old on can be welded back up. 


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