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Front diff mounting spacer on one side only

David Kirk

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this has been raised before  i dont remember the outcome other than  the extra washer adds more compression to the lh rubbers 

as the stud is shouldered tighetning wont have an effect but an extra washer would give more crush 

factory parts list confirms fitted LH side only 

it could be to solve a torqure/judder problem many exhibit by stiffening up the LH side   



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David, going back a few years, I posted the same question and ended up fitting the spacer/washer to my 1500 Spitfire as I was convinced that it was missing, for some reason... at the time I was having a juddering at odd times when reversing. I don't do many miles but after a while I noticed the back end of the car was down on the passenger side. To cut a long story short I ended up taking it back off and had to replace the mounting rubbers as the left hand side were crushed, this levelled the car back up again. One of those times when I wished I'd left it alone...

Just my experience, don't know if it will help!


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I don't disagree Pete....but

When I stripped all this down (in order to fit new diff output seals that were leaking) I noted that there was no lower lower rubber mounting, no washer and no spacer fitted on either side. The nut and upper rubber mount were there though (on both sides)

I guess the PO didn't think they were necesary! scary!

I am waiting for parts to arrive so I don't know if the spacer and washer have holes in them that are large enough to go over the shoulder on the chassis stud, or if they are smaller holes that allow them to go up to the shoulder, and held there by the nut. If it is the latter, I guess the spacer is non functional anyway so it must be the former. I'll find out when the parts arrive I guess.


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It’s an odd area, and I’m not really sure about it :

My Mk1V had never been previously dismantled and both  sides were identical.No extra thick washer was present.

According to the the Practical Classics resto manual, it should:DFDF241C-1459-43C2-A42D-E30C600C81A4.thumb.jpeg.2f47315108a3f91fc2b4e9a9881f08a0.jpeg

Haynes manual confuses further with talk of “special “ washers - on both sides, (without saying what’s special about them) and I don’t think it is referring to a thick washer just on one side, otherwise it would say which side.

I bought a thick washer  from Canleys, but using it made that side seem very tight indeed  - contradicting note 12. above about being able “ revolve the lower mounting rubbers with the fingers “ 

- Puzzled,  I left it out and just copied the original set up, rebuilding  with new rubber mountings.

Perhaps if it does wears down on the nearside and starts clunking that is when it might prove useful to fit it?



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