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Linking to external Blogs


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I note that the forum has a facility to create a bog.


I'm sure that many members like myself already have a blog in existence through an external blog service (eg google blogger).


Other leading  Car club forums (eg Club triumph) have a facility to publish an external blog on the forum.


Can this be introduced on the TSSC forum please? as I would not duplicate the effort to create a separate Triumph  blog when I already have one in place but want to give the membership the benefit of seeing my blog from within the forum in the same way that other leading car club s allow.

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It's not something that the moderators can do - we dont have the access rights, but its something that the documentation for IP Board indicates is possible.


The moderators need to have a get together some time for an exchange of what we have learned, and I'm sure we will have a list of things we need to talk to Simon about, and this will be one of the topics.


It essentially requires that your blog (from blogger.com I believe) has an RSS feed available, then it "should" be possible to import the feed into the blog system on IP board.


Likewise, if someone creates a blog in IP Board, it "should" be possible to RSS export it to other systems that support an RSS import.


I cant promise anything quickly, but it is something that could be explored in the medium term (there are too many other things that need more immediate attention)

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