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My Dynamo is howling :(

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Well, when I get it out, I will check it's number and do as PeterH suggested . I'm out to my garage in a minute.

I'll let you know. 

Well its out. Had to grind and prise off the cover. NSK 6202Z. Very common. Prices from £5-8 so not bad. All I have to do now is remove the old rivets and find replacements :)

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job done
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On 24/06/2021 at 13:09, Jeffds1360 said:

Oh, forgot to say, it is working fantastically well! Pushing out 16+ on occasion

Hi Jeff. Glad your getting sorted.

Very interested in this. Is this a voltage test and result, taken from a bridge wire between the two dynamo terminals at idle speed. If not, any idea what rpm (about) to get the 16 and the higher figure, from the new dynamo.

Cheers, Dave

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Actually Dave I just have a cheapy voltmeter plugged into a cig lighter! Not to technical :)

As soon as she fires up and on tickover it reads 12.6. Up to 14+ with  about 1200 rpm and it can go up to 16 if blipped. The new dynamo is exactly the same.

The headlights do noticeably brighten as revs go from 800 to 10-1100. I've never actually studied the meter when under any load, lights on or anything but I'll do that next time I fire her up.

I'll get my 'real' voltmeter out and check the accuracy and also the direct volts and amps and report back here. ATB 

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Thanks Jeff. All the books I have read, say the direct/bridge wire test should show 16v at idle. Three Dynamos I have (one a recon) show around 5.

All 3 have got up to around 17 at around 1500 rpm. All have the ignition light going out at above idle.

No/not enough charge going to battery for a few years now (new battery etc).

So hoping, not a dynamo problem and if not, will look at control box/wiring etc

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i would advise dont meddle with the control box settings   a small twiddle can lead to blowing all your bulbs 

they are real orrible things to set up properly  best replace any dodgy but in the end an alternator is so much more

reliable these days 



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