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What Radio was fitted ? - GT6 1972

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Hi All,


could I ask what radio make and model was originally fitted by Truimph to a 1972 GT6 . Am I right in thinking it would have been a Motorola 144 ? 

could I also ask if speaker location was limited to door cards. 

looking to install the correct vintage radio . 

many thanks 



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John Tomason's "Guide to originality" (which is getting a good workout on a very boring conference call) has a GT6 "Accessories" entry for "Radio installation with parcel shelf speaker".  That would be the single, mono speaker on the passenger parcel shelf as on Spitfires.

I think extras like radios also tended to be fitted by the dealer between delivery and hand over to the customer so would have varied based on what they had on the shelf/could get hold of at the time.

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Some of them were actually badged for Triumph and later on for either BL or Unipart but I think it as Mjit says was down to what the local dealership had in stock. I think speakers were mono, but fitted under the passenger parcel shelf as there's not enough room in the centre console. Steve's correct about the Motorola, they were very common in the Herald and Vitesse models.

812012746_TRradio.jpg.5e90cb834182451cd00cd8376615b1a5.jpgs-l1600-52.jpg.520ece8c41d2be31840bdf4b986fd17e.jpg 2202C-radio4.jpg.a2637841411e924e334d354128daf9ff.jpg





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Be careful if you buy a pre-70's car radio (especially Motorola & Radiomobile) as the transistors in the tuner section (AF117) are infamous for simply giving up the ghost due to internal clag in their little canisters.

There is a work round for them - the duff AF117 can be re-vitalised but it may be temporary.

Or you could swap them out and use AF127 (these do not suffer the clag)


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Hello Jeremy

This is the original radio fitted to my 1972 spitfire. It's a Radiomobile 1070 apparently a popular choice at the time. I have had it converted to FM and a ipod/ MP3 player socke added.

Hope this helps.

All the best






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2 hours ago, Mjit said:

Anyone else have that slight OCD twitch about the gear knob not being straight? :)

They come as a straight version!!!???

I thought that they were all bent!!!! (Don't go there.....anyone!!!)

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