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Steering damper?

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A picture would be good.

AFAIK there is no steering damper.  I suspect that what you see is the steering column clamp, that allows it to collapse in a crash, and not spear you in the chest.   Common to many Triumphs, inc. before the GT6!

See: https://www.canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-gt6-mkiii&diagram=triumph-gt6-mkiii-steering-wheel-and-columns

There's a grub screw and locking nut with a bridge piece.  Part Nos. 125781, 125782, JN2110.

Fixing plate

See also: https://www.triumphexp.com/forum/spitfire-and-gt6-forum.8/1965-spitfire-steering-column-clamp.1522402.1522628/


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