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Rare LHD Bond in Sweden


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Oh Lord.. imagine if they brought that in now.

"From 2025 we'll all be driving on the right, so you need to be prepared..."

"Remember... in one month's time we'll all be driving on the right, so if you haven't prepared... do something now."

Breaking news: the government has granted a six months grace period for anyone not already driving on the right...

Breaking news: ten years ago the UK switched to driving on the right... and a group of women has taken the decision to Court claiming they weren't given enough notice and so lost their jobs because of it..."



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14 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Oh Lord.. imagine if they brought that in now

The result was not so bad after all! Initially the accidents went down, but increased agian in 1969. From Wikipedia:


"The relatively smooth changeover saw a temporary reduction in the number of accidents. On the day of the change, only 157 minor accidents were reported, of which only 32 involved personal injuries, with only a handful serious. On the Monday following Dagen H, there were 125 reported traffic accidents, compared to a range of 130 to 198 for previous Mondays, none of them fatal. Experts suggested that changing to driving on the right reduced accidents while overtaking, as people already drove left-hand drive vehicles, thereby having a better view of the road ahead; additionally, the change made a marked surge in perceived risk that exceeded the target level and thus was followed by very cautious behaviour that caused a major decrease in road fatalities. Indeed, fatal car-to-car and car-to-pedestrian accidents dropped sharply as a result, and the number of motor insurance claims went down by 40%.[citation needed]

These initial improvements did not last, however. The number of motor insurance claims returned to "normal" over the next six weeks and, by 1969, the accident rates were back to the levels seen before the change.[14][15][16]

Trams in central Stockholm, in Helsingborg and most lines in Malmö were withdrawn and replaced by buses, and over one thousand new buses were purchased with doors on the right-hand side. Some 8,000 older buses were retrofitted to provide doors on both sides, while Gothenburg and Malmö exported their right-hand drive (RHD) buses to Pakistan and Kenya.[17] The modification of buses, paid by the state, was the largest cost of the change".


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IF I remember correctly?, In 1966, when I was on the Hull Gothenborg Ferry Service. They constructed a new Bridge Near Gothenborg?. But could not open it for over a Year because all the road Junctions etc where set up for driving on the right?.


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