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Which Head Gasket?


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Hi All,

I had my 1973 GT6 Mk3 cylinder head revalved, skimmed etc... and rebuilt engine using Head gasket GEG387 (Canley Classics). Car started well until water appeared from the head gasket area....all over. Now have milky oil...Oh dear!  About to start the clean up and another rebuild, but now I'm wondering about which Gasket to use...recessed or not? Engine No:KE1283HE and I did torque correctly....and by the way ...what is the difference between tag and no tag gaskets?


Thanks for any help. 

ps. Any tips to help clean out the oil ways? or not to get the same result next time!

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The GEG387 gasket is for blocks with recessed bores, and it has a tab on the end.

Gaskets for NON recessed bores have no tab.


I suspect that your engine may have NON recessed bores - its an early GT6MK3 block, and I believe that the change over point was KE10001HE


You should have noticed if there were slight recesses around the top of the bores when the head was off.

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When you say recessed bores, do you mean that there is a small indentation around the top lip of the cylinders and the oil feeds where the metal rings in the gasket fit in to?


When I examined the block I noticed that it was perfectly flat. Also the gasket I removed has metal rings around the cylinders and oil feeds and a tag!!


As the car was built in 1973, I assumed that the engine was built at the same time...silly me...on checking a old V5, I find that before 1985 the engine was KE021780HE.


I will be taking the head off early next week and will report back...meanwhile any tips on cleaning out the oil/water mixture?


Also is it worth putting a Payen back insert of a 'standard' gasket?



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yes its to support the fire rings ,if you have a flat block then you need the early gasket

as for make .......down to  preference , both do a good job


make sure the block is clean around the stud areas, , make sure you have good hard flat washers and deep HD nuts 

most gaskets fail due to deformation of the washers and the clamp load is reduced 



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