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New Member with Vitesse Mk1 in Suffolk

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HI, technically I am not new as I joined a couple of years ago. I have asked lots of questions and received lots of advice from others. I thought it was about time to introduce myself. I live in Sudbury, Suffolk. This is my second Vitesse, I had a 1600 before this Mk1 and a Herald 12/50 before that. I have had my Vitesse since June last year, I have made some minor improvements and alterations and it has recently been MOT'd. IT is great to drive. 







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Just now, Bobtaylor said:

Hi Paul, I did visit you last year when I was driving my pale blue 1600, to ask about seat replacement, at least I think it was you !!!!

Yes Bob it was me , all at a safe distance then 


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That a great looking Vitesse Bob.. i love the colour scheme. 

TSSC club meeting at the Sorrel Horse, Barham, Old Norwich road near Ipswich, IP6 0PG tonight.  The weather forecast says it should brighten up to be a nice evening.  Be good to see you all there. 


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The colour of my car is cactus green. It was originally blue but was changed sometime ago and there is no sign of blue anywhere.

I believe the cactus green was a triumph colour but I guess it is not too common. I love it and it certainly draws lots of comments.

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Nice but thats much too green to be Cactus  it was the brochure launch colour on the front page 

as cactus and black , ( 15/11)  i new of only one other than mine  we had a pair at duxford one year

its green but its far too green to be Triumph Cactus  which is quite pale

may be a paint factors idea of some other  Cactus  .. Not Triumphs 




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I was told by the seller it was cactus green. Never having seen a cactus green before I knew no different.

I have just found a touch up pot that came with the car. It is from a company called Master Chroma and is code  CG6390 Green.

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